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February 10, 2021 - 3 min read

Biden administration plans to vaccinate most U.S citizens against COVID-19 by early fall

The new federal COVID-19 Response Team faces challenging transition and complexities of vaccine distribution

President Biden and his COVID-19 Response Team are making vaccination a national priority.

Plan details are emerging from Washington, with the administration pursuing its goal of 100 million shots in 100 days and announcing plans to fix a splintered supply chain to increase the number of U.S vaccines being administered.

A key factor in the federal government’s plan is the purchase of 200 million doses – 100 million each of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines – to bolster the national vaccine reserve. With an increase in production, the administration can increase weekly allocation to states by 22%, or, at least 10.5 million doses nationwide.

By purchasing more doses, fast-tracking new vaccine candidates for FDA approval, and outlining a capable plan for tracking inventory the Biden administration can focus on increasing production in order to meet deployment goals.

Overhauling production is just one complex challenge facing the vaccine supply chain. The total count of doses in the market remains unknown amid reports that millions of doses paid for by the federal government are unaccounted for. It’s believed counties started storing doses to ensure patients who received the first dose would receive the required second dose.

The president urged providers to administer as many first doses as possible in an effort to end the practice of stockpiling. On a recent call with governors, President Biden pledged to give states accurate vaccine allocations three weeks ahead of delivery.

The public will gain easier access to states’ increased supply of doses through the administration’s announced partnership with select local and national pharmacies. Once launched, federal pharmacy partners will begin offering vaccines in their communities.

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