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Blue Shield distribution of COVID-19 vaccines equitably

California is shifting from a COVID-19 vaccination system in which local health jurisdictions allocate vaccines within their communities to a Statewide Vaccine Delivery Network administered by Blue Shield of California. The goal is to accelerate the delivery of vaccine safely and equitably across the state.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only highlighted the disproportionate impact of this virus on Californians, but the importance addressing the health of those disproportionately impacted, including communities of color and the disabled. Consequently, a vaccine equity framework has been proposed by the state and supported by Blue Shield of California as part of vaccine distribution.

  • Establishing Equity FAQs

We encourage all Californians to register on My Turn. The digital tool will centralize management, reporting, and data that will empower the state to provide accurate information to book appointments and distribute vaccines to all Californians as quickly as possible.