Blue Shield of California
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Blue Shield delivers on its COVID-19 vaccine equitable goals

In February 2021, Blue Shield of California accepted the state’s request to build a statewide network that would ensure all Californians could be vaccinated efficiently, safely, and equitably. Following the great success of vaccinations in California, Blue Shield’s engagement as the third party administrator (TPA) with the state has ended. Day to day operations and oversight of the state’s vaccine program will return to the state and Blue Shield will transition to an advisory role.

Blue Shield’s partnership with the state was integral in rapidly, and expansively, administering vaccines to over 73% of Californians and bringing down the COVID-19 case rate to the lowest in the country. We exceeded the state’s goal ahead of schedule by building a network with capacity to administer more than 4 million doses a week. The success of the state’s vaccination program played a major role in, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s direction to lift most major COVID-19 restrictions on June 15, 2021. Following these milestones, Blue Shield is able to transition COVID-19 vaccination operations and oversight back to the State.

The COVID-19 pandemic not only highlighted the disproportionate impact of this virus on Californians, but also the importance of addressing the health of those disproportionately impacted, including communities of color and the disabled. In just a few weeks, Blue Shield of California helped the State increase the rate of vaccination in lower quartile communities on the Healthy Places Index by 25%. Blue Shield also provided support to the state in distributing grants to local health jurisdictions to help reach Californians residing in communities hardest hit by the pandemic.

Blue Shield of California is proud and honored to have had the opportunity to serve Californians by helping to establish and enhance the state’s vaccine network during the COVID-19 pandemic.