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March 15, 2021 - 2 min read

Californians should look to “My Turn” for COVID-19 vaccine eligibility and appointment help

Taking a closer look at the My Turn resource

The path to getting people back into certain workspaces will for many employers depend on how quickly employees can access the COVID-19 vaccines. Blue Shield of California recognizes how confusing it is to navigate all the information on eligibility tiers, phases, and qualifiers for who can receive a vaccine and when. We recommend the state’s My Turn site for help determining eligibility and scheduling vaccine appointments for employees in California.

My Turn is adding appointments daily and expanding its capabilities since the pilot site launched in January. My Turn is a great resource for employers to share, providing employees answers on how to find a vaccine location and register for an appointment.

On the My Turn site, visitors are asked to complete a short questionnaire to determine eligibility for the next step of scheduling a vaccine appointment. If it is not yet a person’s turn, or there are no available appointments in the area, users can register to be notified when they do qualify or when appointments become available. There is no cost to use the site, and any patient information is protected by state laws.

Some local health jurisdictions also provide vaccination appointments, registration, and notification services, as do select retail pharmacy locations including CVSRite Aid, and Walgreens. While these are all good options and people should leave no stone unturned when seeking a COVID-19 vaccine, the My Turn resource is robust and uses sophisticated technology to provide accurate information to book appointments and help distribute vaccines to all Californians as quickly as possible.

Employers play a vital role in disseminating information to their workforce. In addition to My Turn, we encourage companies of all sizes to check out our vaccine and COVID-19 resources on Blue Shield’s member site, and share the knowledge and materials with employees.

Blue Shield is encouraging Californians to take the first steps towards getting vaccinated and recently launched a campaign urging Californians to “get it.” It is hard to know when herd immunity will be achieved. Until then, it’s important to continue practicing all of the proven safety protocols while waiting for the vaccine.

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