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October 15, 2020 - 3 min read

Catching up on preventive care

Helping employees re-engage with their healthcare providers will be key to keeping your business up and running.

To avoid COVID-19 infection, Californians are cancelling wellness check-ups with their primary care doctors. Recent studies indicate that up to 50% of residents living in the western United States are postponing medical visits entirely.

Blue Shield of California is committed to helping business owners and their employees during this difficult time. Despite social distancing measures and stay-at-home recommendations, it’s still important for businesses to encourage employees to seek preventive care.

Make virtual visits a reality

Given the recent uptick in coronavirus infections in our state, it's understandable if your employees are concerned about spending time in an enclosed setting like a hospital waiting room or a doctor's office. That's why every member of your team should know about Blue Shield's Teladoc Virtual Care System

Once viewed of as a novel, emerging technology, the pandemic has made virtual communication with a healthcare provider an important tool in staying on top of potential medical complications.

It is important to remember virtual appointments are a complement to traditional one-on-one examinations — visiting face-to-face with your doctor is better for identifying conditions that may require advance treatment. However, during the pandemic and beyond, virtual consultations offer a convenient alternative to those who are unable or reluctant to make appointments in person.

To help our business partners and their employees stay healthy and safe in the coming months, Blue Shield of California will provide financial support for members and their employees seeking virtual care for medical and behavioral services through December 31st.

Encourage employees to get the flu shot

Even as the COVID-19 crisis continues, the seasonal flu remains a serious threat to the health and wellbeing of your workforce. Just two years ago, more than six thousand California residents died from health complications caused by influenza.

The latest scientific research indicates that an individual can contract the coronavirus and the seasonal flu at the same time. 

Taking steps to help your entire workforce get vaccinated can be an effective way to keep your employees healthy and safe this winter.

For Blue Shield members and their employees, our insurance plans provide access to $0 flu shots at convenient locations throughout California. *

Even though the flu is not as deadly as COVID-19, encouraging every member of your staff to get the flu shot as early as possible will help to ensure that your employees are safe, healthy, and productive this fall.

Flextime for pediatric visits

The number of pediatric appointments that have been canceled has also risen dramatically since March, as concerned parents limit their children's exposure to enclosed spaces like waiting rooms.

The pediatric electronic health records firm PCC found that the total number of measles, mumps, and rubella shots that were administered since April of this fell by 50%, while diphtheria and whooping cough shots experienced a 42% decline.

To help on-site and remote staff vaccinate their children, it may be a good time to take a closer look at your existing flextime policies.

If your staffing resources allow for it, consider designating one day a month — perhaps a Friday — for employees to visit their local pediatrician. 

Incentive programs that reward parents for vaccinating their children with gift certificates or free lunches can be effective, low-cost ways to help your employees keep their families safe this fall. 

No matter the initiative, your willingness to help your employees keep their family members and fellow employees safe this flu season is sure to be appreciated. 

*For most plans, members’ cost is $0, as a covered preventive care benefit under the Affordable Care Act. Some exceptions apply for select ASO groups. Contact your Blue Shield representative for more details.

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