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Return to work resources

Mental Health Learnings

The far-reaching and devastating effects of COVID-19 paired with a year of social unrest put mental health into the public spotlight. With over a year to focus on mental health we can now gather collective learnings – applied in and outside the workplace – while looking ahead to what’s in store.

Mental health and the workplace: what we’ve learned and what’s to come

California’s County-based Statistics

See how your county stacks up with these interactive maps.

Government Resources

For more guidance on returning to the workplace, refer to the following resources from different levels of government including State of California, CDC and OSHA.

Vaccination Resources, Testing Information, and Communication Toolkit for Employers

In May of 2021, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) launched the Employer
Vaccination Toolkit
– an online request and approval system supports employers wanting to bring COVID-19 vaccinations onsite and directly to their employees. In addition to Vaccination Toolkit links, here are some essential resources to help employers communicate effectively with their workforces about COVID-19 vaccines and testing.

On-site vaccinations or group appointment

Addressing vaccine hesitancy

Understanding testing