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Giving back for the greater good

The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized just how interconnected we all are, and the crisis has inspired some businesses to find creative ways to address societal needs and help bring their communities together.

From ride share companies offering free transportation for healthcare workers to a hardware giant providing grants to minority-owned small businesses, many American corporations are looking for ways to do good. Small business owners, who may be struggling to get back to a healthy financial position, are giving back by donating products or services.

Even during challenging times, social responsibility is here to stay, and businesses have an opportunity to make a positive impact on the communities they serve when so many have experienced setbacks and loss as a result of the pandemic.

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How businesses can give back

  • icon-giving cash

    Giving cash donations (or a portion of sales) to charitable organizations

  • icon-buy one donate one

    Donating products via a buy-one-donate-one model

  • icon-offering

    Offering free products and services

  • icon-easier for customer

    Making it easier for customers to donate to a
    chosen charity

  • icon-matching-employee

    Matching employee donations

  • icon-providing grants

    Providing grants or other funding

  • icon-volunteering time

    Volunteering time and expertise

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Empathy has impact

While it’s certainly not possible for all businesses to give away amounts of money that have the potential for extraordinary impact, experts emphasize that giving back is not only about donation size. Rather, customers are looking for compassion and empathy in the way you do business, and they are likely to remember actions you took to help the community, no matter how small.

One way that Blue Shield of California gives back is to foster a culture of giving among our own employees, sponsoring company-wide giving initiatives, but also encouraging individuals to look for ways to help their communities. For example, one employee made 700+ masks to donate to various Bay Area organizations, while another maximized her donation to a L.A.-based nonprofit with employer matching. Every helpful action and any amount, large or small, counts. Acts of generosity are cause for celebration.

Blue Shield Spotlight

Supporting communities during COVID-19

As a mission-driven nonprofit, Blue Shield of California has looked for ways to help address a wide variety of healthcare needs during the COVID-19 pandemic – from supporting frontline workers to investing in vulnerable communities to helping providers weather the financial impacts of coronavirus.

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