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December 22, 2020 - 2 min read

Strengthening employee mental health virtually

Digital behavioral health tools empower members to take control of their health and wellness

At Blue Shield of California, we are committed to supporting business owners and their employees through this tumultuous period and beyond.

Our Healthy Living Homepage and virtual support platforms are designed just for that purpose – to help our members manage and improve their mental and emotional health.

Making employee mental health a priority

Every individual reacts to a crisis or traumatic event in different ways. Given the intense emotions around changes brought by the pandemic, business owners should work to address the impact these events might have on the mental and emotional health of their employees.

To aide in this effort, Blue Shield has added myStrength behavioral health platform, available to our Trio HMO and Tandem PPO members beginning in 2021.

myStrength is a digital tool designed to provide highly personalized, clinically based emotional support for individuals ages 13 and up.

The myStrength platform helps members take steps to overcome challenges in the workplace and in their personal lives.

With regular engagement, myStrength can help employees manage stress, build resilience, and incorporate proven coping skills for managing difficulties.

The program turns information users provide about their current emotional state into a group of customized strategies to help improve their mental and overall health outcomes.

myStrength builds upon the suite of digital and virtual care solutions available to our members, including Wellvolution, Teladoc, and telemedicine visits with mental health practitioners included in our broad network.

Our team is ready to help

Leading others through this unprecedented time is an important responsibility. Creating a supportive environment – even a virtual one – for your employees will help them manage the anxiety caused by the stress of living through a pandemic. For more information about myStrength or an of our virtual support platforms, please contact Blue Shield of California at (855) 836-9705.

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