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April 01, 2021 - 3 min read

With COVID vaccines, free means free

Even administrative fees are covered

While it may seem that COVID-19 and vaccination news evolve daily (or more) – with vaccination goals for the U.S population now moved closer into spring and new vaccines coming to market – we want to remind our members and the public that vaccines are safe, effective, and always at no cost to individuals.

Behind the scenes, vaccines are required to be given at no cost to the patient, as stipulated in the CARES Act passed in March 2020. Providers of the vaccine can charge administration fees, however, these fees must be covered by insurers or the federal government. If someone receives a COVID vaccination bill from their healthcare provider, they can file a claim with their health plan or provider or, if uninsured, contact the location at which the dose was received. But, to be clear, no recipient of the vaccine can be denied access for an inability to pay an administration fee, regardless of their insurance provider or status.

Not having cost as a barrier to getting the vaccine is an important step towards mass vaccination and ultimately herd immunity. Through our work with the State, Blue Shield is helping overcome other barriers such as accessibility, equitable distribution, and vaccine hesitancy.

We’re doing our part to help grow vaccination efforts and encourage our members to receive the vaccine when it’s their turn – at no cost, of course.

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